Stellarium 0.12.3
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BigStarCatalogExtension::Star3 Struct Reference

Public Types

enum  { MaxPosVal =((1<<17)-1) }

Public Member Functions

StelObjectP createStelObject (const SpecialZoneArray< Star3 > *a, const SpecialZoneData< Star3 > *z) const
void getJ2000Pos (const ZoneData *z, float, Vec3f &pos) const
float getBV (void) const
QString getNameI18n (void) const
int hasComponentID (void) const
bool hasName () const
void repack (bool fromBe)
void print (void)

Public Attributes

int x0:18
int x1:18
unsigned int bV:7
unsigned int mag:5

Detailed Description

Definition at line 134 of file Star.hpp.

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