Stellarium 0.12.3
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Ring Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Ring (double radiusMin, double radiusMax, const QString &texname)
void draw (StelProjectorP projector, class StelRenderer *renderer, StelProjector::ModelViewTranformP transform, class StelGLSLShader *shader, double screenSz, ShadowPlanetShaderInfo *info)
 Draw the ring. More...
double getSize (void) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 77 of file Planet.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void Ring::draw ( StelProjectorP  projector,
class StelRenderer renderer,
StelProjector::ModelViewTranformP  transform,
class StelGLSLShader shader,
double  screenSz,
ShadowPlanetShaderInfo info 

Draw the ring.

Note that ring drawing doesn't use light (it didn't use it before the refactor either, but there was code to do lighting on the CPU in StelPainter::sRing)

projectorProjector to project the vertices.
rendererRenderer to draw with.
transformUsed to determine whether we're above or below the ring.
shaderShader to use for drawing.
screenSzScreen size.
infoShader information.

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