Stellarium 0.12.3
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LandscapeOldStyle Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 LandscapeOldStyle (float radius=2.f)
virtual void load (const QSettings &landscapeIni, const QString &landscapeId)
virtual void draw (StelCore *core, class StelRenderer *renderer)
 Draw the landscape. More...
void create (bool _fullpath, QMap< QString, QString > param)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Landscape
 Landscape (float _radius=2.f)
void update (double deltaTime)
void setBrightness (const float b)
 Set the brightness of the landscape. More...
void setFlagShow (const bool b)
 Set whether landscape is displayed (does not concern fog) More...
bool getFlagShow () const
 Get whether landscape is displayed (does not concern fog) More...
void setFlagShowFog (const bool b)
 Set whether fog is displayed. More...
bool getFlagShowFog () const
 Get whether fog is displayed. More...
QString getName () const
 Get landscape name. More...
QString getAuthorName () const
 Get landscape author name. More...
QString getDescription () const
 Get landscape description. More...
const StelLocationgetLocation () const
 Return the associated location or NULL. More...
int getDefaultBortleIndex () const
 Return default Bortle index (light pollution value) or -1 (unknown/no change) More...
int getDefaultFogSetting () const
 Return default fog setting (0/1) or -1 (no change) More...
float getDefaultAtmosphericExtinction () const
 Return default atmosperic extinction, mag/airmass, or -1 (no change) More...
float getDefaultAtmosphericTemperature () const
 Return default atmospheric temperature, for refraction computation, or -1000 for "unknown/no change". More...
float getDefaultAtmosphericPressure () const
 Return default atmospheric temperature, for refraction computation. More...
void setZRotation (float d)
 Set the z-axis rotation (offset from original value when rotated. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Landscape
void loadCommon (const QSettings &landscapeIni, const QString &landscapeId)
 Load attributes common to all landscapes. More...
const QString getTexturePath (const QString &basename, const QString &landscapeId)
 search for a texture in landscape directory, else global textures directory More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Landscape
const float radius
QString name
float skyBrightness
float nightBrightness
bool validLandscape
LinearFader landFader
LinearFader fogFader
QString author
QString description
int rows
int cols
int defaultBortleIndex
int defaultFogSetting
double defaultExtinctionCoefficient
double defaultTemperature
double defaultPressure
StelLocation location
float angleRotateZ
float angleRotateZOffset

Detailed Description

Definition at line 141 of file Landscape.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void LandscapeOldStyle::draw ( StelCore core,
class StelRenderer renderer 

Draw the landscape.

coreThe StelCore object.
rendererThe renderer to draw with.

Implements Landscape.

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