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BigStarCatalogExtension::StarWrapper3 Class Reference

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 StarWrapper3 (const SpecialZoneArray< Star3 > *a, const SpecialZoneData< Star3 > *z, const Star3 *s)

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- Public Types inherited from StelObject
enum  InfoStringGroupFlags {
  Name = 0x00000001, CatalogNumber = 0x00000002, Magnitude = 0x00000004, RaDecJ2000 = 0x00000008,
  RaDecOfDate = 0x00000010, AltAzi = 0x00000020, Distance = 0x00000040, Size = 0x00000080,
  Extra1 = 0x00000100, Extra2 = 0x00000200, Extra3 = 0x00000400, PlainText = 0x00000800,
  HourAngle = 0x00001000, AbsoluteMagnitude = 0x00002000, GalCoordJ2000 = 0x00004000
 used as named bitfield flags as specifiers to filter results of getInfoString. More...
typedef QFlags
< InfoStringGroupFlags
- Static Public Attributes inherited from StelObject
static const InfoStringGroupFlags ShortInfo = (InfoStringGroupFlags)(Name|CatalogNumber|Magnitude|RaDecJ2000)
 A pre-defined set of specifiers for the getInfoString flags argument to getInfoString. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BigStarCatalogExtension::StarWrapper< Star3 >
 StarWrapper (const SpecialZoneArray< Star3 > *a, const SpecialZoneData< Star3 > *z, const Star3 *s)
Vec3d getJ2000EquatorialPos (const StelCore *core) const
 Get observer-centered equatorial coordinates at equinox J2000. More...
Vec3f getInfoColor (void) const
 Get a color used to display info about the object. More...
float getVMagnitude (const StelCore *core, bool withExtinction=false) const
 Return object's apparent V magnitude as seen from observer. More...
float getSelectPriority (const StelCore *core) const
 Return a priority value which is used to discriminate objects by priority As for magnitudes, the lower is the higher priority. More...
float getBV (void) const
QString getEnglishName (void) const
 Return object's name in english. More...
QString getNameI18n (void) const
 Return translated object's name. More...
virtual double getAngularSize (const StelCore *) const
 Return the angular radius of a circle containing the object as seen from the observer with the circle center assumed to be at getJ2000EquatorialPos(). More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from BigStarCatalogExtension::StarWrapper< Star3 >
const SpecialZoneArray< Star3 >
const SpecialZoneData< Star3 >
const Star3 *const s

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