Stellarium 0.12.3
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNStelUtilsGeneral purpose utility functions
oCAllSkySphericalRegionSpecial SphericalRegion for the whole sphere
oCAngleMeasureThis is an example of a plug-in which can be dynamically loaded into stellarium
oCAngleMeasureStelPluginInterfaceThis class is used by Qt to manage a plug-in interface
oCAngleSpinBoxA spin box for displaying/entering angular values
oCAtmosphereCompute and display the daylight sky color
oCBarFrameA title bar control used in windows derived from StelDialog
oCBooleanFaderImplementation of StelFader which behaves like a normal boolean, i.e
oCCommLinkRadio communication channel properties
oCCompassMarksThis is an example of a plug-in which can be dynamically loaded into stellarium
oCCompassMarksStelPluginInterfaceThis class is used by Qt to manage a plug-in interface
oCCompletionLabelDisplay a list of results matching the search string, and allow to tab through those selections
oCConnectionTCP/IP connection to a client
oCConstellationModels a grouping of stars in a Sky Culture
oCConstellationMgrDisplay and manage the constellations
oCDataSetCreditsContains all the credits for the creator of the image collection
oCDummyDialogThe TextUserInterface wants to intercept all key presses including those which are assigned to glocal key bindings in the main GUI definition (i.e
oCEdgeVertexDescribe a vertex composing polygon contours, and whether it belong to an edge or not
oCExoplanetA exoplanet object represents one pulsar on the sky
oCExoplanetsThis is an example of a plug-in which can be dynamically loaded into stellarium
oCExoplanetsStelPluginInterfaceThis class is used by Qt to manage a plug-in interface
oCExtinctionThis class performs extinction computations, following literature from atmospheric optics and astronomy
oCFieldConcatModelAllows for concatinating fields from a model for disply
oCGridLinesMgrThe GridLinesMgr controls the drawing of the Azimuthal and Equatorial Grids, as well as the great circles: Meridian Line, Ecliptic Line and Equator Line
oCgSatTEMESat position and velocity predictions over TEME reference system
oCgSatWrapperWrapper allowing compatibility between gsat and Stellarium/Qt
oCgTimeThis class implements time calculations
oCHelloStelModuleThis is an example of a plug-in which can be dynamically loaded into stellarium
oCHelloStelModuleStelPluginInterfaceThis class is used by Qt to manage a plug-in interface
oCInfoPanelThe informations about the currently selected object
oCJsonListIteratorQt-style iterator over a JSON array
oCLabelMgrAllows for creation of custom labels on objects or coordinates
oCLandscapeStore and manages the displaying of the Landscape
oCLandscapeMgrManages all the rendering at the level of the observer's surroundings
oCLinearFaderImplementation of StelFader which implements a linear transition
oCLogBookThis is an example of a plug-in which can be dynamically loaded into stellarium
oCLogBookStelPluginInterfaceThis class is used by Qt to manage a plug-in interface
oCLx200CommandAbstract base class for Meade LX200 (and compatible) commands
oCLx200CommandGetDecMeade LX200 command: Get the current declination
oCLx200CommandGetRaMeade LX200 command: Get the current right ascension
oCLx200CommandGotoSelectedMeade LX200 command: Slew to the coordinates set before
oCLx200CommandSetSelectedDecMeade LX200 command: Set declination
oCLx200CommandSetSelectedRaMeade LX200 command: Set right ascension
oCLx200CommandStopSlewMeade LX200 command: Stop the current slew
oCLx200CommandToggleFormatMeade LX200 command: Toggle long or short format
oCLx200ConnectionSerial port connection to a Meade LX200 or a compatible telescope
oCManualImportWindowWindow for manual entry of Solar System object properties
oCMapLabelSpecial QLabel that shows a world map
oCMatrix4A templatized column-major 4x4 matrix
oCMeteorModels a single meteor
oCMeteorMgrSimulates a meteor shower
oCMilkyWayManages the displaying of the Milky Way
oCMpcImportWindowWindow for importing orbital elements from the Minor Planet Center
oCMultiLevelJsonBaseAbstract base class for managing multi-level tree objects stored in JSON format
oCNebulaMgrManage a collection of nebulae
oCNexStarCommandAbstract base class for Celestron NexStar (and compatible) commands
oCNexStarCommandGetRaDecCelestron NexStar command: Get the current position
oCNexStarCommandGotoPositionCelestron NexStar command: Slew to a given position
oCNexStarConnectionSerial port connection to a Celestron NexStar or a compatible telescope
oCOctahedronContourManage a non-convex polygon which can extends on more than 180 deg
oCOcularsMain class of the Oculars plug-in
oCOcularsGuiPanelA screen widget similar to InfoPanel. Contains controls and information
oCOcularsStelPluginInterfaceThis class is used by Qt to manage a plug-in interface
oCPositionA telescope's position at a given time
oCPreModelViewFuncAllows to define non linear operations in addition to the standard linear (Matrix 4d) ModelView transformation
oCPropertyBasedTableModelThis class provides a table model for just about any QObject
oCPulsarA Pulsar object represents one pulsar on the sky
oCPulsarsThis is an example of a plug-in which can be dynamically loaded into stellarium
oCPulsarsStelPluginInterfaceThis class is used by Qt to manage a plug-in interface
oCQSharedPointerNoDeleteSpecial version of QSharedPointer which by default doesn't delete the referenced pointer when the reference count reaches 0
oCQuasarA Quasar object represents one Quasar on the sky
oCQuasarsThis is an example of a plug-in which can be dynamically loaded into stellarium
oCQuasarsStelPluginInterfaceThis class is used by Qt to manage a plug-in interface
oCRefractionThis class performs refraction computations, following literature from atmospheric optics and astronomy
oCRendererStatisticsDisplays statistics about the running renderer (e.g. draws, texture memory usage, etc.)
oCRendererStatisticsPluginInterfaceThis class is used by Qt to manage a plug-in interface
oCRingParamsParameters specifying how to generate a ring
oCSatelliteA representation of a satellite in Earth orbit
oCSatellitesMain class of the Satellites plugin
oCSatellitesDialogMain configuration window of the Satellites plugin
oCSatellitesListFilterModelCustom proxy model allowing filtering by satellite group and flag
oCSatellitesListModelA model encapsulating a satellite list
oCSatellitesStelPluginInterfaceThis class is used by Qt to manage a plug-in interface
oCScreenImageMgrModule for managing images for scripting
oCSearchDialogThe sky object search dialog
oCSerialPortSerial interface connection
oCServerBase class for telescope server classes
oCServerCreditsContain all the credits for a given server hosting the data
oCShortcutLineEditSpecialised GUI control for entering keyboard shortcut combinations
oCShortcutsFilterModelCustom filter class for filtering tree sub-items
oCSimbadLookupReplyContains all the information about a current simbad lookup query
oCSimbadSearcherProvides lookup features into the online Simbad service from CDS
oCSimpleDrawLineThis is an example of a plug-in which can be dynamically loaded into stellarium
oCSimpleDrawLineStelPluginInterfaceThis class is used by Qt to manage a plug-in interface
oCSkybrightCompute the luminance of the sky according to some parameters like sun moon position or time or altitude etc..
oCSkyGuiThe class managing the layout for button bars, selected object info and loading bars
oCSolarSystemThis StelObjectModule derivative is used to model SolarSystem bodies
oCSolarSystemEditorMain class of the Solar System Editor plug-in
oCSolarSystemEditorStelPluginInterfaceThis class is used by Qt to manage a plug-in interface
oCSolarSystemManagerWindowMain window for handling Solar System objects
oCSpaceShipObserverAn observer which moves from from one position to another one and/or from one planet to another one
oCSphereParamsParameters specifying how to generate a sphere
oCSphericalCapA SphericalCap is defined by a direction and an aperture
oCSphericalConvexPolygonA special case of SphericalPolygon for which the polygon is convex
oCSphericalConvexPolygonSetA special case of SphericalPolygon for which the polygon is composed of disjoint convex polygons
oCSphericalPointSpecial SphericalRegion for a point on the sphere
oCSphericalPolygonBaseAbstract class defining default implementations for some spherical geometry methods
oCSphericalRegionAbstract class defining a region of the sphere
oCSphericalRegionPA shared pointer on a SphericalRegion
oCSphericalTexturedConvexPolygonExtension of SphericalConvexPolygon for textured polygon
oCStarMgrStores the star catalogue data
oCStelAbstractVertexBufferBase class for all vertex buffers
oCStelAppSingleton main Stellarium application class
oCStelAppGraphicsWidgetA QGraphicsWidget encapsulating all the Stellarium main sky view and the embedded GUI widgets such as the moving button bars
oCStelButtonA Button Graphicsitem for use in Stellarium's graphic widgets
oCStelCircleArcRendererProvides functions to draw circle arcs using StelRenderer
oCStelCoreMain class for Stellarium core processing
oCStelDialogBase class for all the GUI windows in Stellarium
oCStelFaderManages a (usually smooth) transition between two states (typically ON/OFF) in function of a counter It used for various purpose like smooth transitions between
oCStelFileMgrProvides utilities for locating and handling files
oCStelFileTextureLoaderTexture loader that loads an image from the file system
oCStelGeodesicGridGrid of triangles (zones) on the sphere with radius 1, generated by subdividing the icosahedron
oCStelGeometryBuilderBuilds various geometry primitives, storing them in vertex buffers
oCStelGeometryRingDrawable 2D or 3D ring
oCStelGeometrySphereDrawable 3D sphere
oCStelGLSLShaderGLSL shader program
oCStelGuiMain class for the GUI based on QGraphicView
oCStelGuiBaseAbstract class defining the base interface for all GUIs
oCStelGuiPluginInterfaceDefine the interface to implement when creating a GUI plugin
oCStelHTTPTextureLoaderTexture loader that loads an image from the web
oCStelIndexBufferGeneric index buffer interface usable with all Renderer backends
oCStelJsonParserQt-based simple JSON reader inspired by the one from Zoolib
oCStelLightBasic light source
oCStelLoadingBarThis class is used to display loading bar
oCStelLocaleMgrManage i18n operations such as message translation and date/time localization
oCStelLocationStore the informations for a location on a planet
oCStelLocationMgrManage the list of available location
oCStelLoggerClass wit only static members used to manage logging for Stellarium
oCStelMainGraphicsViewReimplement a QGraphicsView for Stellarium
oCStelMainScriptAPIProvide script API for Stellarium global functions
oCStelMainScriptAPIProxyBecause the core API runs in a different thread to the main program, direct function calls to some classes can cause problems - especially when images must be loaded, or other non-atomic operations are involved
oCStelMainWindowReimplement a QMainWindow for Stellarium
oCStelModuleThis is the common base class for all the main components of stellarium
oCStelModuleMgrManage a collection of StelModules including both core and plugin modules
oCStelMovementMgrManages the head movements and zoom operations
oCStelNoGuiDummy implementation of StelGuiBase to use when no GUI is used
oCStelNoGuiPluginInterfaceAn example GUI plugin with an empty GUI
oCStelObjectThe base abstract class for sky objects used in Stellarium like Stars, Planets, Constellations etc..
oCStelObjectMgrManage the selection and queries on one or more StelObjects
oCStelObjectModuleSpecialization of StelModule which manages a collection of StelObject
oCStelObserverShould be renamed as PlanetBasedObserver and derive from a more generical StelObserver class
oCStelPluginInfoContains information about a Stellarium plugin
oCStelPluginInterfaceDefine the interface to implement when creating a plugin
oCStelProjectorProvide the main interface to all operations of projecting coordinates from sky to screen
oCStelQGL1ArrayVertexBufferBackendOpenGL 1 vertex array style VertexBuffer backend
oCStelQGL1InterleavedArrayVertexBufferBackendOpenGL 1 interleaved vertex array VertexBuffer backend
oCStelQGL1RendererRenderer backend using OpenGL 1.2 with Qt
oCStelQGL2ArrayVertexBufferBackendOpenGL 2 vertex array style VertexBuffer backend, used for testing and transition
oCStelQGL2InterleavedArrayVertexBufferBackendOpenGL 2 interleaved vertex array VertexBuffer backend
oCStelQGL2RendererRenderer backend using OpenGL 2.1 or GLSL 2.0 with Qt
oCStelQGLArrayVertexBufferBackendBase class for QGL-using vertex buffer backends based on separate attribute arrays
oCStelQGLGLSLShaderQGL based StelGLSLShader implementation, used by the QGL2 renderer backend
oCStelQGLIndexBufferQt-OpenGL index buffer implementation
oCStelQGLInterleavedArrayVertexBufferBackendBase class for QGL-using vertex buffer backends based on interleaved attribute arrays
oCStelQGLRendererBase class for renderer based on OpenGL and at the same time Qt's QGL
oCStelQGLTextureBackendTexture backend based on QGL, usable with both GL1 and GL2
oCStelQGLViewportManages OpenGL viewport
oCStelQGLWidgetGLWidget specialized for Stellarium, mainly to provide better debugging information
oCStelRegionObjectSimple abstract class defining basic methods implemented by all objects that need to be stored in a StelSphericalIndex
oCStelRenderClientProvides access to scene rendering so StelRenderer can control it
oCStelRendererMain class of the Renderer subsystem
oCStelRendererStatisticsStores and provides access to statistics about a StelRenderer backend
oCStelScriptMgrManage scripting in Stellarium
oCStelShortcutMgrManager of the keyboard shortcuts tied to different features
oCStelSkyCultureStore basic info about a sky culture for stellarium
oCStelSkyCultureMgrManage sky cultures for stellarium
oCStelSkyDrawerProvide a set of methods used to draw sky objects taking into account eyes adaptation, zoom level, instrument model and artificially set magnitude limits
oCStelSkyImageTileBase class for any astro image with a fixed position
oCStelSkyLayerAbstract class defining the API to implement for all sky layer
oCStelSkyLayerMgrManage the sky background images, including DSS and deep sky objects images
oCStelSkyPolygonBase class for any polygon with a fixed position in the sky
oCStelSphericalIndexContainer allowing to store and query SphericalRegion
oCStelSphericalIndexMultiResContainer allowing to store and query SphericalRegion
oCStelStandardGuiPluginInterfaceAllow to load the GUI as a static plugin
oCStelStyleHolds the information related to a color style for GUI and modules of Stellarium
oCStelTextureBackendBase class for texture implementations
oCStelTextureCacheCaches textures, ensuring no texture is loaded twice
oCStelTextureLoaderTexture Loader interface - used internally by texture implementations to load image data
oCStelTextureNewTexture interface
oCStelToneReproducerConverts tones in function of the eye adaptation to luminance
oCStelTranslatorClass used to translate strings to any language
oCStelVertexAttributeDescribes a single vertex attribute (e.g
oCStelVertexBufferVertex buffer interface
oCStelVertexBufferBackendBase class of all vertex buffer backends
oCStelViewportEffectAllow to apply visual effects on the whole Stellarium viewport
oCSupernovaA Supernova object represents one supernova on the sky
oCSupernovaeMain class of the Historical Supernovae plugin
oCSupernovaeStelPluginInterfaceThis class is used by Qt to manage a plug-in interface
oCTelescopeClientAn abstract base class that should never be used directly, only inherited
oCTelescopeClientDirectLx200Telescope client that connects directly to a Meade LX200 through a serial port
oCTelescopeClientDirectNexStarTelescope client that connects directly to a Celestron NexStar through a serial port
oCTelescopeClientDummyExample Telescope class
oCTelescopeControlThis class manages the controlling of one or more telescopes by one instance of the stellarium program
oCTelescopeControlStelPluginInterfaceThis class is used by Qt to manage a plug-in interface
oCTelescopeTCPThis TelescopeClient class can controll a telescope by communicating to a server process ("telescope server") via the "Stellarium telescope control protocol" over TCP/IP
oCTestStelVertexBufferUnittests for StelVertexBuffer implementations
oCTextParamsParameters specifying how to draw text
oCTextureParamsParameters specifying how to construct a texture
oCTextUserInterfaceThis is an example of a plug-in which can be dynamically loaded into stellarium
oCTextUserInterfaceStelPluginInterfaceThis class is used by Qt to manage a plug-in interface
oCTimeZoneConfigurationStelPluginInterfaceThis class is used by Qt to manage a plug-in interface
oCTimeZoneConfigurationWindowMain window of the Time Zone configuration plug-in
oCTleDataData structure containing unvalidated TLE set as read from a TLE list file
oCTleSourceTLE update source, used only internally for now
oCTriangleIteratorAllows iteration over triangles in QVectors of vertices
oCTripletA simple struct holding a triplet of values of some type
oCTuiNodeTuiNode objects are linked together in a network of nodes to form the structure of a menu which may be navigated using the cursor keys
oCTuiNodeActivateAllows navigation but also sends a signal to a specified object when the return key is pressed
oCTuiNodeBoolAllows navigation but also editing of a boolean value
oCTuiNodeColorAllows navigation but also editing of color value as represented by a Vec3f object
oCTuiNodeDateTimeAllows navigation but also editing of a julian date
oCTuiNodeDoubleAllows navigation but also editing of a double value
oCTuiNodeEditablePure virtual from which editables for different data types are derived
oCTuiNodeEnumAllows navigation but also selection from a list of string values
oCTuiNodeFloatAllows navigation but also editing of a float value
oCTuiNodeIntAllows navigation but also editing of an integer value
oCTuiNodeResponseA TuiNodeResponse contains a flag, "accepted" if a keystroke was accepted And a link to a node, should the key action have prompted a change in the current node used by the menu system
oCVector2A templatized 2d vector
oCVector3A templatized 3d vector
oCVector4A templatized 4d vector
oCVertexP2Vertex with only a 2D position
oCVertexP3T2Vertex with a 3D position and a 2D texture coordinate
oCVertexP3T2C4Vertex with a 3D position, 2D texture coordinate and an RGBA color