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Dark Stars and Boosted Dark Matter Annihilation Rates. (arXiv:1008.0348v1 [astro-ph.CO])

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Dark Stars and Boosted Dark Matter Annihilation Rates. (arXiv:1008.0348v1 [astro-ph.CO]): "Dark Stars (DS) may constitute the first phase of stellar evolution, powered by dark matter (DM) annihilation. We will investigate here the properties of DS assuming the DM particle has the required properties to explain the excess positron and elec- tron signals in the cosmic []

Astrophysics made simple

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Automatic translation via Google Translate

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Visitors of my blog are different people from different countries. They were not always fluent in Russian, on which written the material of my blog. So I decided to plug in Google Translate on my blog and now read it will not only native speakers of Russian. Translation automatic and therefore not very good, but it is still better than no translation.

Scientific Linux

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Today something happened that I was worried in recent days — ext3 file system on the first drive was completely destroyed due to power failure. Unfortunately I not create a backup of my home folder, so it will have to begin life with a new sheet. Fortunately, there was nothing very important. Earlier on this []

Solar System POV-Ray Animation

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Nice animations

[HD] MOST beautiful hubble images of the universe space

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Milky Way in 3D

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Supernova 1987A

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Sunrises on the another's worlds...
Find: 1, 2

Astronomy comix

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It is found... Good idea!

in the morning..

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Clouds over town

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