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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2015-07-31

Комментариев нет31 июля 2015, 23:15 • Twitter

RT @AstrodocRon: NGC6503 is a dwarf spiral galaxy on the edge of the Local Void. More info here:… ->
RT @AstrodocRon: Hard-to-spot open cluster NGC6883 in a glowing hydrogen cloud. Complete details at… ->
RT @ivarrr: Нам в Serious Science очень нужна помощь, т.к. редакция ПостНаука уже физически не успевает выпускать и проверять... []

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2015-07-24

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@alchymylab QtConcurrent should be as part of Qt framework (within include and lib folders) in reply to alchymylab ->
@alchymylab I confirm the issue — thanks for reporting in reply to alchymylab ->
RT @LarianLeQuella: Thank you @debbiebere for a great talk. Your final slide sums up things so elegantly #tam13 ->
Занептунье — Наиболее детальные снимки []

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2015-07-17

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Инспектор Барнаби — Не поспешишь — людей намешишь ->
К чему стадам дары свободы... — Великолепный список скачиваемых советских учебников и методических пособий ->
RT @VRFocus: Edinburgh team develops #VR edition of Stellarium for #OculusRift: ->
RT @hist_astro: Representation of stars and sun in an illustration of the Khamsa by Nizami, 1500s, Iran @ClevelandArt. []

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2015-07-10

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LAMOST и китайская астрономия ->
Physical Dust Models for the Extinction toward Supernova 2014J in M82. (arXiv:1507.00417) ->
Distributed image reconstruction for very large arrays in radio astronomy. (arXiv:1507.00501) ->
Radio Pulsars. (arXiv:1506.07881) ->
The star RR Lyr and the Cepheid variables in the era of the space photometry revolution. (arXiv:1506.08122) ->
A ~50,000 solar []

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2015-07-03

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scienceblogger: Обновлен видеолекторий Физтеха ->
scienceblogger: Научные фокусы с водой ->
RT @spaceanswers: It's #AsteroidDay tomorrow! We need protecting from asteroids, so show your support here: http://t… ->
Сверхновые с коллапсом ядра и нейтронные звезды (01.12.2014) via @YouTube ->
Видео "Сверхновые с коллапсом ядра и нейтронные звезды (01.12.2014)" ->
RT @postnauka: Какие отношения складывались у Хазарии с Византией []

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2015-06-26

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RT @PopSci: Scientists announced they may have new evidence there are active volcanoes on Venus… ->
RT @astroengine: Yes, I said 'weigh', but it's in 'quotes' so that makes it all ok: ->
VersionPress – WordPress Meets Version Control ->
Accessible Footnotes with CSS ->
magnitude vs. aperture ->
Atmospheric Chemistry for Astrophysicists: []

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2015-06-19

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Open Source Accessibility Testing Library ->
Analysis of the benefits of designing and implementing a virtual didactic model of multiple choice exam and... ->
intra-pixel issues for astrometry; fiber collisions ->
Meeting the neighbours ->
NGC 5813: Chandra Finds Evidence for Serial Black Hole Eruptions Cavities, or bubbles, in the hot gas that... ->
Wide []

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2015-06-12

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Astronomers Observe Rare Stellar Eclipse — Sky & Telescope ->
GSoC 2015: LabPlot now can visualize 3D primitives ->
The Complex History of Trojan Asteroids. (arXiv:1506.01658) ->
жежешечка taurus'а — Как меня Байер оставил в недоумении ->

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2015-06-05

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RT @AboriginalAstro: Indigenous Astronomy student @NuraGili @UNSW drawing artwork for Stellarium. Wardaman Sky (Part 2/4)… ->
RT @AboriginalAstro: Indigenous Astronomy student @NuraGili @UNSW developing artwork for Stellarium (Part ¾) ->
RT @AboriginalAstro: Indigenous Astronomy student @NuraGili @UNSW developing artwork for Stellarium (Part 4/4) ->
RT @WDLorg: al-Sufi dió a las 48 constelaciones de Ptolomeo nombres []

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2015-05-29

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From the Scale Model of the Sky to the Armillary Sphere. (arXiv:1505.03732) ->
The Medusa ->
Survival of Planets Around Shrinking Stellar Binaries. (arXiv:1505.05514) ->
Data Compression in the Petascale Astronomy Era: a GERLUMPH case study. (arXiv:1505.05617) ->
A Small Compilation of Asterisms ->
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera ->
ASteCA: Automated Stellar Cluster Analysis (A&A) []

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2015-05-22

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Andromeda and Milky Way Might Collide Sooner Than We Think ->
RT @JPMajor: See what lunar phases would look like from the far side ->
RT @fcain: Rare cluster of four quasars found via @BrianKoberlein ->
vadim_proskurin: Паук-акробат ->

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2015-05-15

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RT @leonKidv: My M13
Star cluster
Camera atik 383L
Skywatcher equinox 120 ->
RT @esascience: Trio Leo: Three magnificent galaxies in one image! Gorgeous view of Leo Triplet on @apod: http://t.c… ->
RT @SpringerEdu: Inquiry-Based Educational Design for Large-Scale High School Astronomy Projects Using Real Telescopes… ->
RT @universetoday: Weekly Recap (4/27/15) From the Expedition Lead Scientist []